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What Should you expect when you come into Elite Runners & Walkers?

Our experienced staff will help you by providing individual attention throughout the running or walking shoe fit process.

Please budget at least 20-30 minutes to be properly fitted with running/walking shoes, so if you are coming late in the day, please try to arrive at least 1/2 hour prior to our closing time.    Bringing a pair of your old shoes that you wear while you run/walk will help us out tremendously in fitting you for a new pair of running shoes.  Also come dressed to run or walk as we will ask that your run or walk to test the shoes.


Our Fit Process

1. Shoe Wear Analysis - we take a look at your old running shoes, if you brought them, and look at how they broke down
2. Foot measurement - we measure overall lenght, arch length, width, and look at the curvature of the foot.
3. Unsupported gait analysis - watch you walk with no shoes on to see you foot in its most natural state.
4. Selection of shoe choices - we base this on your measurements, gait analysis, and personal experiences that you tell us about
5. Gait analysis in each shoe - We will have you run or walk in the running shoes and watch you on the treadmill, outside, or around the store.  We use our Good Form Running training to establish fit and function as well as give you pointers on form which will influence the proper shoe selection.
6. Up to you to choose!  We help you along the way giving you advice but the final choice is also based on your comfort with the shoe.


Frequent Buyer Program:
When you shop with us for the first time we will put you in our database of customers.  This way when you return to our store we have a record of what you bought so we can serve you better.  We will add you into our frequent buyer program, where after every $250 dollars you spend, you will receive a $25 credit towards your next purchase.